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Site Statistics  

Total Members : 74

Total Payouts : 108.56


welcome to The Posted Note

Please note that from 19th November 2010 we do not accept enrollments using AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts due to bouncing e mails.


    Searches are Opt-in Only (No unsolicited search email)
    Skrill, or Redemption
    New low $3 Payout for all Members - No referrals/downline necessary to be paid
    15% Referral Bonus - Not necessary or required for payout
    Random Payouts!
    200 Points Enrollment Bonus! Points used for Redemptions
    Paid to Read & Click, Personal Pages, Treasure Room!
    Members must be from Approved Countries to receive cash payouts
    English speaking members welcome
    English Tests given regularly
    Brand New CashCrusader Scripts
    We are ptp approved here

    Backups Made Daily!


    The most cost effective advertising
    Targeted Traffic to your Website
    Guaranteed Click thru Advertising Options
    Members eager to receive your ads
    Absolutely no Spam!
    Effortlessly Track Your Ad Statistics
    Advertise to 1000's or as few as 100
    We will customize your Ad Campaign if you wish
    Reliable, Friendly, Prompt Service
    Members are Double Opt-In and Inactive Members Deleted every 15 Days!
    It's easy, fast, and affordable!
    Pick the package that is right for you

The Posted Note is not a multi-level marketing site or a "Get Rich Scheme".
This is a Pay Per Action Site and at NO time are you EVER required to
purchase advertising, recruit others or sell anything in order to get paid.

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NOTICE: If you are not receiving your emails then please check your account. Due to bouncing emails some accounts have been set to site inbox!

We have 74 Active Members | Total Payouts: $108.56
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